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Snaps & Encrypts

Feel free to be yourSelf. From today all your Selfie, your Pictures, your Videos and your most intimate moments will be Safe ! All your Pictures that you will take from your integrated camera, will be hidden automatically on your phone away from prying eyes ! Choose between 16 levels of Security ! Stealth visibility, Fast Start, Special launcher, Pin code . In Short ... All Hidden, all Encrypted, all Secret, all Safe !


From Today all your projects or your most intimate secrets will be safe ! ... No icon app will be show on after the installation of the app. You can hide, easily, all your thoughts, notes, passwords or all your most important documents, pictures, photos, video, projects ... all files you want ! and you can be sure ... because Only you know that the app is installed on the phone and all files will be encrypted !

Hide Calls Automatically

All out coming, Incoming and Missed Calls from your private contacts will be deleted automatically from phone Calls' Log ! No icon of this app will appears in your list of applications. No visual icon notification will warn you that you miss a call, you will hear only your default beep warning incoming call.

Secret Sms

From Today all your sms or your most intimates secrets messages will be safe ! All sms sent or received from a list of secret numbers will be deleted automatically from your phone. No icon or launcher icon will appear after the installation of the app. Just you will have a sms list hidden in your phone. Easy, simple and safe !

Remote Control Relay

Remote Control Relay is a universal app for controlling all kinds of network SNMP relay boards. It works with devices that use the SNMP protocol for the communication. It is tested with the device: IP controller (DAEnetIP2) and 8 Output Channel Relay Board (DAE-RB/Ro8-12V) Denkovi. With this application is possible to controller any relay in the Relay Board wired in local network or public network. Easily you can process the information coming from Sensors, control Remote electrical devices, Remote lock/unlock doors, Open & Close Curtains, Open & Close Windows. Have all world in your hands !

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